Standmaster SS II
Manufacturer: Standmaster

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"Engineered for heavy street bikes * Features extra heavy-duty steel construction * Removable arm * Adjustable width 8 1/2" to 13 1/2" and height 10 3/4" to 12 1/2" * Features an attractive blue finish * Includes three brackets to fit any motorcycle with a double down-tube frame "

I've ordered this stand. I'll do a write up on how it works out with my VN1500A when it's in. Inexpensive compared to other lifts/jacks/stuff.

Recieved the stand but as it is I can't use it on the 1500A. I'll make it work somehow though <G>.

6-17-99 Ah haaaa! I found out where I can get it to work! This won't work for you unless you have the F&S engine gaurd, I can't vouch for other models. I put the two posts at their lowest setting with the L shaped one on the handle side and the U one on the far side. I slide the stand in front of the kickstand, hold bike up straight with hands, straighten centerstand so the posts are under the engine gaurd just where it goes out straight from the bottom, put kick stand up, bring centerstand arm down with foot.

The weight of the bike is still mostly on the two tires with the centerstand just there to keep is solid stright up. I've tried rocking the bike and such and it's not going to fall over to the side. With it in this postion however you don't want to push it from behind since the centerstand is working for side to side balance instead of acting like a jack. If you screw the post higher I'm sure you can get the front tire off the ground. I got the stand mostly for simple oil changes and such.

An Actual Update!!!

In April of 2009 I received this information via email:

Hello, this is just to correct or add to some of your information reguarding the Standmaster SS2 motorcycle stand. The Standmaster products were manufactured by a company called D&K. The company started in Modesto California in 1976 with 2 products, the Standmaster 1 and the standmaster 2. The Product line eventually consisted of Standmaster 1, 2, 3, SS2, HD2 and The Bead Buster. The stands were distributed through Rocky Cycle until it was bought out by Tucker and became Tucker Rocky. Lemans Corp./Parts Unlimited also carried some of the line with assorted small distributors such as Flanders, Jammer, etc. In 1989 the company moved to Clatskanie, Oregon and produced the products until about the end of 2003. The production stopped because the owner had a back injury and could not meet production demands. The company still is opperating, but is mostly involved in repairing motorcycles, ATVs, and Snowmobiles.  At this time there is a possibility the Standmaster product line will return, but there will be no sales through the distributor network, dealers maybe. The products will most likely be availible online direct to the consumer.
The reason I know all this information, is because I am Don Dugan of D&K. 


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