Memphis Shades Roadmaster Windshield on a 97 BUBF


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I got my Memphis Shades Roadmaster Windshield from Steve and company via the friendly brown truck.

Note on 2-17-99 Memphis Shades Stands Behind Their Products!!!

It was heavier than I expected, never having a windshield before, it should hold up to the wind well (I've also been told this by others that own them).

It took about 45 minutes to install (I work slow) and the included instructions were of little help. They basically said to put these thingys on and put them there while holding the shield where you want it. There are no pictures and they don't say which side or direction the mounting hardware should go. On the other hand I can see where it will be different for different bikes.

On mine the top brackets were on the inside and the bottom ones on the outside. All the hardware is designed to swivel in just about any direction and to fit at just about any angle. It's sturdy and does not look like a hack job despite the fact that it's a universal mount. (Side note that in the photos in the Dennis Kirk Catalog they show the bottom brackets as being on the inside as well, I'll play around with mine to see if I can swing it, it doesn't seem to matter though)(4)

You can probably do it as a one person job but at one point I had my son help hold it in place while I put on some of the hardware (mainly because he was there and it was easier with his help).

The throttle cable just barely make it around the shield,(6) (1) if it was any tighter I would have taken my dremel and drum sanded a little grove for them. I also had to use the dremel to cut the hex wrench shorter to fit in a tight spot (it came with the hex wrench so I didn't have to cut one of mine).

Two other items when it comes to fit, the shield has built in lowers and on extreme turns (such as parking and locking column) it does bend against the air filters on each side. This does not impair any normal riding at all as far as I can tell (I never turn the bars that far in a turn other than backing up on foot power) and it just springs back afterwards anyway(2). Also the headlight on the 1500A is set lower so there is a gap between the headlight and the cutout on the shield, no big deal, it doesn't look bad or out of place, just mentioned it if you're reeeeaaal picky.(5)

So I rode it in to work this morning despite the severe thunderstorm watch (I just HAD to try it out). It DOES make your handling feel a "little" different, not bad, just different so that it can be gotten use to quickly. What surprised me though is when I looked down and saw that I was already going 60 mph, it certainly didn't feel like it. I normally wear a helmet with a face screen because my eyes have no tolerance for the wind but with the windshield I was able to ride to work (20 mi highway) with the face shield up. My bike is new and still in break-in mode so I really couldn't go any faster to see how it holds up in the 80 mph range (shhhhh, I didn't say that!)(3)

Over all I give it 2 thumbs up.

Other information:

32"W x 22"H above headlight
Scratch and weather-resistant ICI Lucite
3 color schemes, Gradient Black (which I got), Gradient Ruby and Solar.
All included hardware is billet aluminum and stainless steel
Fits all round headlights and 1" or 7/8" handlebars
Fork clamps fits 35mm to 41mm forks
4-Point mounting allows positioning independent of headlight


Here's some new notes since I first wrote this

1.    The cable turns out to be so tight against the shield that it started to get a wear spot through it. I wrapped a piece of velcro tape around that spot to protect the cable.

2.    It has put small wear marks on the air filter covers where it makes contact, no big deal (to me anyway)

3.    Still haven't needed the face screen. I'll probably only use it from now on when I *know* that I'll be riding in the rain (easier to wipe than glasses while on the move)

4.    I since remounted it and have all the brackets on the inside with no problem.

5.    I've since removed the stock turn signals since I installed a lightbar and this allows the windshild to sit lower to match up with the headlight better.

6.    You can pretty much ignore this part, I've since rerouted the cable on the inside of the shield. It's not hitting anything and it looks better since it's out of sight from the front.


Message I sent to the newsgroups about using a windshield (06-16-00)

I've been using a windshield for about two years now. After this time I still remember many of the reasons I got it. During Americade this year I broke the bottom piece off (my own fault) but it was still functional so I was able to use it until I got home.

I took it off pending putting my backup on.

I rode to work today, on the highway, along the river, with it still off.

I can't wait to get home to PUT IT BACK ON!!!!!!!!!

People say they like the wind in their hair? I have little hair so I can throw that one right out. People say that a windshield causes extra drag? I contend that my windshield is a lot more aerodynamic than my wide body is. People like to eat bugs? LET THEM.

I couldn't believe I rode across state two years ago without a windshield, OK so I'm probably getting soft. Going this year I hit a swarm of bees on the highway. Not one, or five or ten, a whole swarm. I thought the car ahead of me had kicked up some gravel, I felt and heard impacts all across the windshield, top of helmet, chaps and shoulders. Then I started to feel a burning on my temple and noticed that the windshield was smeared top to bottom with bug parts. The burning on the temple got a little more intense so that's when it occurred to me that it was probably bees. I pulled off to the side to inventory myself. Sure enough there were bee parts all over the place and a lump forming on my head (a new one <G>).

Between that and all the other things that have bumped off it, the ride today that reminded me how much work is actually needed to ride (I ride a lot, I like to ride, and I see no reason to have to "work" at it), the wind pushing a thick leather jacket into my throat, contacts that wanted to jump out, a helmet that the wind wanted to tear off...

I've decide that my windshield is a good thing.

(Maybe this should have been called ode to a windshield <G>)


Where did you want to be today?

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