Mustang Wide Nostalgic Seat on the 750 and 1500A

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Seat on 750

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Click Pic for larger view of Seat on the 1500A

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Click Pic for larger view of Seat on the 1500A

I have the Mustang Wide Nostalgic on my '97 1500A. I couldn't imagine NOT having it. My butt and Back have been much happier since getting it. When I had the 750 is when I first decided I needed a different seat. The softness of the stock just didn't cut it for me. It didn't allow me to move around to get comfortable properly and in 50 miles I would be extremely sore. Part of the problem was that the soft seat would move around with me whenever I tried to slide a little bit to be comfortable so in the end nothing had changed. I also had a bad posture because of trying to stay comfortable. With the Mustang seat all that changed. It's a firm saddle that stays in place if I scoot around on it, it's wider where it needs to be wider and it's shape and firmness simply makes you sit up straighter which is better for your back. Many people say that the seat itself is "higher" but I personally believe that a lot of that has to do with the fact that you're sitting straighter and it just seems higher. Whatever the reason, I'm just more comfortable on it and can ride longer because of it. Everyone is different of course and there are people out there that find the stock seats comfortable, I'm not one of them. I'm 6' 2" and 300 lbs. When I upgraded to the 1500A I found out immediately that the stock seat on that bike was no better so of course the first (and only) one that came to mind was another Wide Nostalgic.

The setup:

750: The Wide Nostalgic arrives just like the stock, it has the high backing for the passenger pad and bolts on with two bolts through the back compartment. I found however that no matter what I did the bolt holes on the seat were a little high. I had the F&S extended back rest so that may have been a contributing factor although it didn't seem to affect the stock seat any. So I did the easiest thing, simply drilled two holes a little higher in the backrest bracket. The rest was no problem. I guess it wasn't just me either, I've seen a couple of posts from at least two others that found the same thing.

1500A: OK so I'm not the brightest. I receive the seat and go to install it. It's one piece instead of two like the stock. I take the old one off... I put the new one on. No click. I look at the bottom and there's nothing to actually hold the seat down as far as I can tell. I check the packaging and nothing there. Instructions? They figure you don't need them. It took me probably a half hour before it occurs to me to take the mounting clips off the old one and reuse them on the new one. Oh well. put the seat in place again... needed a good push to get it to click and stay solid but there it is. A really good looking seat.

Here's a side note: Another thing to consider for comfort in the saddle. Boxers vs. briefs. Boxers Thumbs Up. I couldn't believe the difference the switch made.

The other day I put some leopard skin fabric (from fabric store) on the passenger seat, my SO said she was sliding too much. This worked out fine.


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