Kawasaki Vulcan 1500A and B until and including 1997 models

"Probably" covers 98 and 99 models as well
(I "think" the C model (AKA "L") has the same specs as the A (except things that concern handlebars and wheels), but don’t take my word for it)

aka Vulcan 88 (US and Canada)
aka VN-15 (Others)

aka Vulcan 88 SE (US and Canada)
aka VN-15 SE (Others)

Gear Ratio Change for 1997 1500A

1500A A1-A10 A11-A13
1st 2.500 (40/16) 2.500 (40/16)
2nd 1.590 (35/22) 1.375 (33/24)
3rd 1.192 (31/26) 1.035 (29/28)
4th 0.965 (28/29) 0.781 (25/32)

Year to Model

1987 A1 B1
1988 A2 B2
1989 A3 B3
1990 A4 B4
1991 A5 B5
1992 A6 B6
1993 A7
1994 A8 C1
1995 A9 C2
1996 A10 C3
1997 A11 C4
1998 A12



VN1500 A1-A11

VN1500 B1-B6

Overall length 2390mm, (A)(F)2385mm, (E)2410mm, (I)2435mm 2370mm, (E)2375mm
Overall width 895mm Same
Overall height 1190mm, (A)(E)1180mm 1210mm, (E)1195mm
Wheelbase 1605mm 1635mm, (E)1630mm
Road clearance 150mm. (A)(E)135mm 165mm, (E)160mm
Seat height 720mm, (A)(E) 750mm 750mm, (E)745mm
Dry weight 252kg, (Cal)252.5kg, (E)257kg, (G)256kg 248kg, (Cal)248.5kg, (E)249kg
Curb weight front 126kg, (E)128kg 121kg, (Cal)121.5kg
Curb weight rear 154kg, (Cal)154.5kg, (E)157kg, (G)156kg 154kg, (E)155kg
Fuel tank capacity 16L 12L
Minimum turning radius 3.0m, (A)(E)2.7m 3.0m
Type 4-stroke, SOHC, V 2-cylinder Same
Cooling system Liquid-cooled Same
Bore and stroke 102.0 x 90.0 mm Same
Displacement 1470mL Same
Compression ratio 9.0:1 Same
Maximum horsepower "Too much typing tonight" Same, *1
Maximum torque "These are long ones" Same, *2
Carburetor system Carburetors, Keihin CVK36 x 2 Same
Starting system Electric Starter Same
Ignition system Battery and coil (transistorized) Same
Timing advance Electronically advanced Same
Ignition timing 5 BTDC @800 r/min (rpm) Same, (W)5 BTDC @900 r/min (rpm)
Spark plug NGK DPR7EA-9 or ND X22EP-U9
(A)(I)(U)NGK DP7EA-9 or ND X22EP-U9
Cylinder numbering method Front to rear, 1-2 Same
Firing order 1-2 Same
Valve timing    
Inlet Open 22 BTDC Same
Inlet Close 66 ABDC Same
Inlet Duration 268 Same
Exhaust open 66 BBDC Same
Exhaust close 26 ATDC Same
Exhaust Duration 272 Same
Lubrication system Forced lubrication (wet sump) Same
Engine oil    
Grade SE, SF, or SG class (do not use SH) Same
Viscosity SAE 10W-40, 10W-50, 20W-40, 20W-50 Same
Capacity 3.5L Same
Oil change 2.5L (2.64 US qts) Same
Oil and filter change 2.7L (2.85 US qts) Same
Drive Train    
Primary reduction system    
Type Gear Same
Reduction ratio 1.517 (85/86) Same
Clutch type Wet, multi-disc Same
Type 4-speed, contant mesh, return shift Same
Gear ratios    
1st 2.500 (40/16), (A11 on) 2.500 (40/16) Same
2nd 1.590 (35/22), (A11 on) 1.375 (33/24) Same
3rd 1.192 (31/26), (A11 on) 1.035 (29/28) Same
4th 0.965 (28/29), (A11 on) 0.781 (25/32) Same
Final drive system    
Type Shaft Same
Reduction ratio 2.619 (15/21 x 33/9) Same
Overall drive ratio 3.838, (A11) 3.105 @ top gear Same
Final gear case oil    
Type API GL-5 Hypoid gear oil
SAE90 (above 5 C)
SAE80 (below 5 C)
Capacity 200 mL Same
Type Tubular, double cradle Same
Caster (rake angle) 31 33 , (E)32.5
Trail 128mm 138mm, (E)132mm
Front tire type Tubeless Tube
Front tire size 100/90-19 57H Same
Rear tire type Tubeless Tube
Rear tire size 150/90-15 74H or 150/90-15 M/C 74H Same or 150/90B15 M/C 74H
Front suspension    
Type Telescopic fork Same
Wheel travel 150mm Same
Rear suspension    
Type Swingarm Same
Wheel travel 100mm Same
Brake type front Single disc Same
Brake type rear Single disc Same
Electrical Equipment    
Battery 12 V 20 Ah Same
Headlight type Semi-sealed beam Same
Headlight bulb 12 V 60/55 W (quartz-halogen) Same
Tail/brake light 12 V 8/27 W x 2, (A)(E) 12 V 5/21 W x 2 Same
Alternator type Three-phase AC Same
Alternator rated output 25 A @6000 r/min (rpm), 14 V Same
(A) Australian (F) French (Sd) Swedish
(Au) Austrian (Fi) Finnish (U) US
(Cal) California (G) German (UK) UK
(E) European (I) Italian (W) Swiss

 Fuel System until and including 1997 models




Throttle grip free play 2-3mm 2-3mm
Make, type Keihin, CVK36 Same
Main jet front #112, (Cal) #118 #130
Main jet rear #112, (US)(C) #115, (Cal) #118 #132
Jet needle front N53S, (Cal) N53U, (W) N67F N36P, (Cal) N36R, (W) N77D
Jet needle rear N67A, (US)(C) N53T, (Cal) N53V, (W) N67G N36Q, (Cal) N36S, (W) N77D
Pilot screw 1 turns out, A3~ : 2 turns out, (US) : - Same
Service fuel level front 2.2 1 mm Same
Service fuel level rear 4.2 1 mm Same
Idle speed 750 – 850 r/min (rpm) Same
(W) 850-950 r/min (rpm)
Sync vacuum Less than 2.7 kPa (2 cm Hg) Same
(US): US Model (C): Canada Model (Cal): California Model
(W): Swiss Model    


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