Steve Cockerham (VROC#1479) wrote a message to the VROC mailing list asking about the easiest way to clean the bugs off a windshield. He got a lot of responses and he made a little compilation. Here is the message he sent back to the group:


I wrote:

>Spent an hour or so trying to get the BUG parts
>off the windshield, anybody got any Magic Mixture
>that make this job any easier?

I looked at the solutions, but don't know where to start! I think wet towel with warm water on windshield while riding around town will do it, just remove towel and bugs when you get Home!

1.) Try Simple Green 4:1 water to SG.

2.) 409 Window & Glass cleaner does it for me

3.) Wipe down (a Honda product)

4.) I wash my windshield with dishwashing soap.

5.) cover it with a wet towel

6.) wipe the windshield with warm water

7.) I use windshield washer solution from Wally World.

8.) wax the windshield

9.) hose the 'shield down with ProHonda Spray Cleaner and Polish

10.) Soak a big towel in warm water, and lay on windshield for 15 minutes (Do I lay on the windshield or put the towel there?)

11.) use 2001 polish that is in a lime green bottle.

12.) The gentle surfactants/soaps/detergents-diluted- have done me well on plastic

13.) Get rid of the windshield

14.) That's the spirit. We don't need no stinkin' windshield!

15.) catch a pissed-off wasp down your bra

16.) first time you catch a live bee in your mouth

17.) eating all of them as you ride

18.) you should not have any bugs on your windshield because a true biker eats them head on without a windshield ;->

19.) my hair had been blown back and my forehead was plastered with every dried bug you could imagine. So you see, wearing bugs can pay!

20.) Which adds to an argument against ape-hangers... A June bug in the armpit at 70mph <G>.


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