Here's some more info after the install of the Pipes.

I've run a tank and a half so far on them and the mileage is at least the same (maybe a hair better). Part of this may also be attributed to the coasters that were installed. The bike vibrates A LOT but seems OK otherwise. The plugs were a little darker when I checked them after 50 or so miles of travel. I have not done any kind of carb adjustments yet. I'll add more here when that's done.

10-13-98 Didn't want anyone to think that I've forgotten about updating this, but I've simply not made any changes yet. It still runs fine, although I still want to get a timing check, carb sync and have sparks changed.

2-17-99 Still running fine. Still haven't made any other mods to it. The pipe on the rear jug is browning in the middle. I "think" there may be a heat shield that will fit just in place there. If it does I'll kill two stones with one bird. Cover the spot and I wanted a heat shield there anyway.

4-15-99 Running fine with no mods. Took it to shop to get second opinion and they said same thing. Vibration is lessening, I think it's just because the exhaust was freer than the stock. The rear jug pipe on the left side (sitting) is quite brown in the middle (after the bend from the jug and before the bend going under the bike) but I have a heat shield (really did want one there anyway) on order from Sherm's and that will cover it up. No noticeable dis-coloration anywhere else though. I understand this browning isn't normal so many would probably return them due to poor chroming at that spot. If you want or don't mind a heat shield at that spot you should have no problem. I know many praise V&H Pipes and I'm not doubting them, but V&H doesn't make these type of straight drags for the A Could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time) and I'm very happy with the DG's, especially at the much lower price. I'll add some pics with the heat shield when I have them, otherwise I probably won't have anything else to add to this.


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