Well, the novelty has worn off so I won't be writing as entertaining as last year, check that one if you want to see the writing of someone who's gone to an event such as this for the first time.

Let's see if I can remember it all.

As usual plans don't turn out as planned. Originally it was going to be 4 bikes/5 people going. One never got his exhaust replaced and another had last minute repairs. My SO had to pull out last minute to take care of her mother. That left me and Dennis, same troop of two as last year. The trip up went as smooth as last year and I found the mileage range to be about the same on the 1500A as it was on my 750 that I used last year. I kept track of mileage all the way when filling up so I have a pretty accurate record of how I did. We did the trip from Niagara Falls to the registration hotel in 6 hours, the last 20 minutes in the rain. Rain? We got no trouble with no steeken rain. It was funny seeing the huddled masses under the overpasses as we rode by. Check in was a breeze like last year. We pre-registered so it was no more than going to a table, signing in and being given out pre-made packets. This was Wednesday. I don't recall if we did anything else that day other than go to dinner. When we check into the hotel I'm sure they were disappointed that I made reservations for two rooms and brought with me a printout showing that my confirmed rate was $41 a night. This was at the Travelodge which was walking distance to the Holiday Inn Headquarters. When we checked in the bills said $80 a room which I quickly had them change when I showed them the printouts. I noticed that the published rates for next year are already at $98 so I won't be getting away with that again.

On Thursday we were scheduled for the Kawasaki Cruise at 5:00. Nothing really for the rest of the day so we just went riding. We ended up at Fort Ticonderoga and riding along the border to Vermont. Got to the boat cruise around 4:15 and find out that they had BOTH boats running the Kawasaki Cruise. So much for having VROC/VRA people on the same boat. I talked to Blinky for a while (Hi Blinky) and ran into someone else that said he was from Syracuse (working for the SUNY system that I do). The cruise was uneventful (wadya expect? An iceberg?) but the chicken was good <G> and a free GTOC t-shirt which of course is too small for me. Went to a store, got a 12pack and went off to watch the Sabers.

On Friday was the Poker Run. We started off by stopping by the Roaring Brook Ranch (we had to anyway to start off the poker run) to look at the Vulcans entered in the competition. Saw the bikes that were there and of course thought too late that I should have had my camera with me to take pics of them all. We signed up for the poker run and off we went. Nice scenery, every now and then we'd stop so I could take a picture. During one of the stops I saw a Vulcan pulling up (not as unusual this year) and then noticed the license plate. It said "SICKO". Well even though I was just getting ready to head out again I knew I had to go over and say hi to whoever that was. It turned out that his name was Mike Sicko, had a Vulcan, I was Jeff Sick, had a Vulcan, and his SO pointed out that we both had red hair on top of that. OK, so much for that, I'm sure I found it much more interesting at the time than you would <G>. Dennis and I finished up the Poker Run and went on over to the Tour Expo to window shop. I picked up a rear mud flap from Eagle Leathers and was told that I just missed another VROC member.

After dinner we wandered around the main street for a while before heading out to Shepherds Cove where we thought we'd run into some others. George "Candy" Greene was the only one to show up so we sat around talking for a while. He said that Ox said that the "show" that was planned for that night was canceled due to political in-fighting among the bars. When we were done for the night, Dennis and I walked back to the hotel (it was a mile and a half so we figured we'd walk instead of riding since I planned on drinking) and found that it was almost as fast as if we'd rode since at that time the festivities from the mountain was just getting out and traffic was at a crawl.

Saturday was the Mountain and BBQ. We headed out to Prospect mountain timing things so that we would be going up just after the parade ended to avoid traffic. At the top we were just in time to be part of the Living Logo Photo and we were right in the very first row so I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures. After the shoot we went over and had the lunch from BMW, how they can call it a BBQ I have no idea. They were doing the final drawings for Americade and that was that. It was a hot day (very different from last year) so for the first time (I'm not kidding) I decide not to wear a jacket (even on the hottest days I'd only compromise to wearing denim instead of my leather) because I was thinking that the ride down the mountain would be a lot of waiting in line after seeing the traffic from the night before. Apparently this wasn't the case and we got out rather quickly. So off we go to ride for a couple of hours with no destination in mind. When done we went off to the HoJo's for dinner and I realized that my arms were BAKED! (I don't deal well with the sun). We had dinner while watching the venders leave the Expo area then it was off to get another 12pack and another Sabers Game.

Sunday... we came home.


Where did you want to be today?

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