Here's some pictures from the Lake George area during Americade. Not a lot of bikes themselves, you need to send the pics in of YOUR bikes to the VROC sites to keep everyone from thinking you REALLY have a scooter (Probably mirrors all over it like in Quadrophenia).

These are all Thumbnailed, click on a pic to see it's bigger brother

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bikes2.jpg (181027 bytes)

bikes3.jpg (155832 bytes)

bikes4.jpg (203011 bytes)
OK, who let the VROCer without a pic here?!?!

bikes5.jpg (218562 bytes)

comet1.jpg (187892 bytes)
Here's the Comet that I go on about now and then

comet2.jpg (188282 bytes)
Some riders felt safer on their bikes after a ride on the 50 year old Comet

dennis.jpg (274356 bytes)
Here's Dennis that I made the trek with

locale1.jpg (138907 bytes)
During the Poker Run, I had to stop now and then to get pics of the scenery

locale2.jpg (127981 bytes)

locale3.jpg (170904 bytes)

locale4.jpg (149193 bytes)

locale5.jpg (134911 bytes)

locale6.jpg (129443 bytes)

locale7.jpg (153957 bytes)

locale8.jpg (144323 bytes)
Niagara Falls doesn't look like this

me1.jpg (241642 bytes)

poker_run_1.jpg (140098 bytes)
One of the stops on the 97 mile Poker Run

the_ox.jpg (145463 bytes)


WB01337_.gif (904 bytes) THE OX
VROC #471
At Shepherds Cove

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