I'm going to save this with pictures of the trip to one of my sites once they're developed. Sorry if it seems that I have "boring" trips.

Yippee, yahoo. Iiiiiiiiiiiii LIKED IT!

This was the first event I've gone to and although there are those that rode further just to get there than my 1050 mile round trip it's the furthest I've gone in a four day stretch. We (Friend Dennis and I) left Tuesday morning on our way to Lake George, the ride was rather uneventful for most of the highway portion along the 90 in New York. When we hit the last rest stop before our exit we decided to take the scenic route instead of the direct one. It added 1/2 or so hour to the trip but it was well worth it. During which time I decided "I theenk I need a beeeger bike" (Said like Chihuahua from Taco Bell). My 750 performs great for "normal" riding (the land is on the flat side in Western New York) but it struggled a bit at times on the steeper hills (I'm suuure that my weight has nothing to do with it <G>).

Anyway, the scenic route took us along many lakes, rivers (small ones, I live next to the "Mighty" Niagara) lots of hills (we were in the Andirondacks) and LOTS of <TWISTIES> (when you see the term <TWISTIES> you must say it out loud like Pinky would, almost like a battle-cry, from Pinky and the Brain, the 'IES' gets very drawn out).

Much of this route along the <TWISTIES> was duplicated the next day during the Wednesday poker run that ran around 97 miles. We got to see even more of the low mountain area, do a lot of U-turns when we got lost, meet up and chat with other riders at the stops and go through a lot of <TWISTIES>. Dennis and I spent a lot of our time just riding around, we really didn't stay around the lodge a lot for the judging (hey! I have a Vulcan anyway <G>) and other contests, stared at the Nomad in the demo area a lot and checked the board to see if we won anything (I got el-zippo on the poker run).

During our rides we past a LOT of farm land and a lot of <COW> (OK class, when you see <COW> you have to say it in a staccato monotone voice. Let's try it, all together now... <COW>. There now, feel better?). We rode south for a while and got lost, even the <COW> looked at use odd, there weren't that many bikes out that way. The initial 350 miles on the way up left me surprisingly (to me anyway) un-tired (it's the only word I could think of at the moment) but after only 25 miles my butt started to ache somewhat (the earlier trips catching up) but after a 10 minute break I was set for the rest of the day. I started off the season with a Mustang Wide Nostalgic and I'm sure it made a big difference, I don't think I would have lasted on the stock seat. Other than a short break once or twice a day I was able to walk fine at the end of each day <G>. We ended the day by stopping by the venders area to look at the either over-priced or under-quality items they had for sale there. Went back to the hotel and picked up a 12 pack and considered riding to Vermont then and there. After all the <TWISTIES> of the day we decided our shoulders were sore and to do it the next day instead.

Thursday we got up and went over to a light breakfast because it was the day of the lunch buffet at the amusement park. We went on the Comet twice (I'll break here to mention the Comet. It's 50 years old and one of the best Roller-coasters in the world. It was originally built in 1948 at Crystal Beach out of parts from the original 1928 Cyclone in my neck of the woods so I grew up on it. When Crystal Beach closed down the Comet was sold and the whole thing shipped to Lake George to be re-assembled. They just don't design them like that any more, one biker I saw getting off it was asking for his motorcycle back) to bring back some old memories. After the park we headed off to Vermont just so we could say that we went there. Very few of the <TWISTIES> but a LOT of <COW>. We went over the border and took off to the right after a couple of exits and found long roads that just keep on going with views of farms and <COW>. It was a lazy ride and I'm sure it's someone's fault here that I started weaving. I weaved at trees, rocks signs and of course <COW>. Dennis started to weave as well (Not as easy one his Gold Wing). I don't know if he just thought it was a good idea or if he "thought" I was going straight and he was just following. We headed back, Dennis found a gas station where he could pick up some expensive maple syrup and we were on our way back to the hotel, back past the <COW> and back towards the <TWISTIES>. Of COURSE I turned at a sign that said Lake George 1 Mile so that it took much longer to get back to another 12 pack and the hotel (by the way, we're lazy and had no intention of camping) but we twisted our way back eventually, stopping at some t-shirt shops, the venders area and a gift shop. I even stopped and picked up a cheapo pair of chaps because the temp was going down and the cool wind was really starting to cut through the jeans (even end up switching to my cold weather gauntlets, but I prefer the cooler weather day to hot blazing one).

We spent a couple hours relaxing, had dinner, watched the first period of the Sabers game and headed out to Shepherds Cove to meet up with The Ox (Hi Ox!) and a few others from VROC that had stopped by. Saw the end of the game there (downer) and had some coffee. Ask Ox about the wind and how it affected his bike, I'd say I had it easy <G>. After the Cove we walked up and down the strip, checked out the shops and alllllll the bikes parked along it. I'm told that Friday night would blow it away, I'm sorry I missed it and the party at the Cove that night. It rained each of the nights (no bother to me, it was dry during the day) so you could see all the shinny thing fanatics polishing and washing every morning because of a little rain (sorry, I'm not a fanatic about it).

Friday we came home. On the way back we took the "direct" route and only got lost once. We bypassed all the <TWISTIES> but there still were <COW> to see along the way. The wind was quite high and me without a windshield felt the wind slamming me all the way. I'm glad I picked up the chaps, they made a biiiig difference. Anyone that doesn't get them thinking that they look silly, forget it, they're well worth it for those longer rides.

Well I'm home now and have skimmed through the mail that was waiting and wrote this wondering what I left out. I'll get the photos processed when I use up the last shots (I'm expecting a new windshield any minute) and post them on my site.

Next year I'll probably be heading back although I might look into Laconia (sp?) instead so variety. Maybe I'll take a quick ride through Sanborn and Bergholtz and weave at some <COW>.


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